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Fauroux is a small town situated in the center of the district of Bourg de Visa. The village overlooks the valley of the Séoune, habitat is widely dispersed throughout the town.
Fauroux name comes from the word "Faure" (from the Latin form Occitan) which means blacksmith. This suggests that the owner of the forge has given its name to this place.
The church of Fauroux is intimately connected with that of the church of Saint-Romain, which it was to annex XVIII century, when it became chief town of 2 parishes. At that time the church of Fauroux was outside the village, north-east of the town near the Séoune.
The church of Fauroux was repaired in 1416 with money from the sale of the church bell of St. Romain, as they had been pledged.
In the fifteenth century the priory of Saint-Romain was rich. But the fact of war and death, the remaining inhabitants had become so poor that the rector authorized them to take the bell pledged to dispose of their profit. It is up to them to make when the parish again become habitable.
The original Romanesque church almost in ruins, the architect Ray chooses for the new church gothic style, very popular in the late nineteenth century. The church of Saint-Cyprien of Fauroux was constructed above the village and was blessed September 19, 1880 by Father Defargues, vicar general of the diocese.
In relative isolation, the church of Saint-Romain overlooking the hamlet of the same name. The discovery of remains of a Gallo-Roman mosaics in geometric patterns (end of the third and early fourth century) suggests that it took over an ancient place of worship. Embedded in the pavement of the choir of the church you can see a Gallo-Roman mosaic.
Since the church has undergone many revisions. The gate opened at noon warhead reflects the era of the Middle Ages and the tower-wall, pierced with three embrasures, was rebuilt in the nineteenth century.
Recently restored, it illuminates its whiteness and the walker is sure to stop in the shade of chestnut.

Fauroux (82190)
City Hall
Pierre Vieillevigne
05 63 94 26 47
05 63 94 26 47
City Hall
09:00 AM-12:00 PM

Google Maps : Fauroux (82190)


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