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North of the current location of the town of Miramont, a valley is called Bellecassagne.
Bellecassagne name indicates that this valley was covered with sturdy oaks, which made it a particularly beautiful forest: the forest of “belle cassagne” that is to say, “Fine Oak”.
During the Gallic period, the forest was the regional center of pagan worship rendered to God Teutates and the goddess Isis. Druids, priests of these deities had their residence and went there, especially the first day of the year to offer sacrifices, after picking mistletoe with their golden sickle. Hence the name of their residence "Guirola"which, even today, means the farm overlooking the valley.
The sacred fountain, filled today, near the church of Bellecassagne shows a construction Gallic.
The largest remnant of the Roman occupation is the Roman road known as Clermontois, probably connecting Bordeaux, capital of Aquitaine, in Clermont-Ferrand, the capital of Auvergne. We find on this path the village of Guirola, the name of the residence of the Druids during the time of the Gauls.
The Middle Ages had seen arise the Castle of Miramont, near the Clermontoise at the entrance of the village today.
But this is speculation: we don’t know when it was built nor when it was destroyed. The only certainty is that centuries ago that the ruins of the castle are in the condition we see today. Also continues the legend of the Castle, worthy of Perrault's tales ...
With the Hundred Years War is a period of insecurity that has arisen in the region. To put people away, a village is formed on the tray next to the castle, which provided the necessary protection as well.
Thus was built the town of Miramont.
This village had its church dedicated to St. Anthony. Of modest size, the church was perhaps the chapel of the castle slightly transformed. She disappeared during the revolution.
Today, in the town of Miramont, persist the church of Saint Pierre Najac in the valley of the Barguelonne and the church of Bellecassagne, whose name evokes the cult of the Virgin, to the twelfth century, succeeded the pagan worship of oaks. The pilgrimage takes place again on Sunday following September 8 is the last witness of the rich history of this chapel.

Miramont-de-Quercy (82190)
City Hall
Gilbert Rozes
05 63 94 64 48
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Google Maps : Miramont-de-Quercy (82190)


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